Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Final Project 2013 //

Title : Sari Ater Boutique Villa Resort

The development of a modern city has a high level of mobility characteristics among community activities in various fields, such as
office, business or trades, industry and so on, requires people to do routines from time to time about the same even monotonous
and exhausting both physically and mentally. It causes the activity of actors experiencing burnout, exhaustion and fatigue. This
condition makes an opportunity for a number of people in a commercial lodging industry to be able to create an accommodations
that provides a wide range of entertainment facilities so that people can freely enjoy the natural beauty and cool climate in comfort
without compromised their privacy and tranquility.

Standard Room

Suite Room

Lobby Area

Sari Ater Villa Boutique Resort @ Rheza Rahardi 2013

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