Tuesday, March 22, 2011


sometimes when digital can help, analog does - unknown.

it gives a great experience when you using analogs camera. knowing that the handheld you hold could give you an ultra natural tone, make you'd try harder to sensitize own feeling both instinct. the breath taking moment when u receive a scan rolls and start to look up your shots result, ahhh IT JUST ADDICTED. why don't you give it a try ?

canon EOS 650

Talent : Ayas Larasati Kusuma
canon prima

canon EOS 650 (BW)

Talent : Anindya Duhita Apsari
Canon EOS 650

Talent : Mega Safira, Nabila Adani, And Ezra Padipta
Lomo fisheye 

Talent : Nadya Supelli
Canon EOS 650 (BW)

Canon EOS 650

canon prima

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