Tuesday, March 22, 2011


At the very last year i've been in dilemma. haha, not the dramas one but was considering my concentrates in college. it's whether going to intermedia or interior design. in preparation and both fulfill the admission requirements for intermedia, i've made some photography portfolio with lust as the theme. focusing on black and white color, pressing the simplicity and tempting emotion photography, i tried to caught the literally idea of lust, strikes to it points with pure effects ( I HAD IT PHOTOSHOP NONE ) and let people who see at last feel just the way i felt. eventhough i've made it to interior design and these last as an archive on my iphoto, but snappily i'd like to say this is one of my favorites photo session i've had. so, ENJOY ! 

Talent : Anindya Duhita Apsari and Edward Steven Ndoen

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